Dear Friend, 

Our family had a farm dream...

Originally from Queens, New York, we moved Upstate to breathe, live life and grow our own food. 


We heard the magical word "Organic" for the first time fifteen years ago and became hooked! So, with a few toddlers in tow, we began our mission to raise our own food that was free of pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.


We moved around and farmed on rental properties for a good while, educating ourselves on the basics of farming and learned through trial and error.

Then we were blessed with an amazing opportunity to move to Saudi Arabia. My husband and I taught English there for ten years.  We are truly humbled by the life experiences we gained there and that we became part of the positive historical shift in education in the Middle East. 

Eight years and a bunch of children later, we finally saved up enough money to buy our own property. Far from the mansion the kids were expecting, the abandoned 40 acre property needed tons of work and alot of love!

And here we are, ready to share our dream of healthy and sustainable living with you, our neighbors and friends!


Peace and Farm Goodness,

Aisha & Azim @ King Creek Farms

King Creek Farms Kids.jpeg