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King Creek Farms Campfire Roasting Sticks

▪ Made from Premium Bamboo ▪ Safe Skewers
▪ XL 36 inches
▪ 110 Pieces
▪ Bonus Storage Bag

King Creek Farms Original Campfire & BBQ Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

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  • The Original Campfire SAFE SKEWER is 36 inches long to keep little hands away from the heat and fire.

  • NO BOO-BOOS - Safe skewers are not sharp and have a dull tip to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • NO CLEAN-UP - Sticky sponges no more! Environment friendly bamboo biodegrade safely in the fire.

  • NO KIDDING - 5mm thick skewers don't easily bend, break or splinter.

  • BONUS GIFT BAG made of 100% bamboo cotton keeps your skewers CLEAN and makes for a unique gift!

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