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Pasture Raised Turkey

Turkey Leg, Thigh, Wing and Ground
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Oven Roasted Turkey with Rosemary

King Creek Farms Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys

When it comes to creating an unforgettable feast, our Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are the ultimate choice.


These majestic birds, considered by many as the largest and heaviest of the turkey variety, are here to make your celebration truly exceptional, ranging from a substantial 14 to 25 pounds.

A Heritage of Excellence: The Bronze strain is a proud part of American heritage, recognized for its remarkable qualities. Admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1874, these turkeys carry a legacy of excellence that you can now bring to your dinner table.

Pasture Raised: Our turkeys roam freely on our pesticide-free grass, practicing their natural instincts as foragers. This wholesome environment and natural farm practices contribute to the tender, juicy, and full-bodied flavor that defines their meat.

Pure and Wholesome: We're committed to providing you with a pure and wholesome dining experience. Our turkeys are never treated with antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals.

Certified Organic Feed: To complement their natural diet, we supplement our turkeys' nutrition with locally sourced, NOFA Certified Organic Feed. This commitment to their well-being aligns with our dedication to sustainable and ethical farming practices.

For a family feast that's truly exceptional, choose our Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys. Their heritage, natural upbringing, and pure, wholesome quality make them the perfect centerpiece for a memorable meal.

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