King Creek Farms Plant Trays

King Creek Farms 1020 Plant Trays

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▪ Seedlings
▪ Microgreens
▪ Wheatgrass 
▪ Extra Heavy Duty 2.3mm
▪ No Holes
▪ Food Grade
▪ BPA Free
▪ 5 Pack


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2.3mm thickness
2.3mm thickness

Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty


2.3mm thickness
2.3mm thickness

  • REPLACE NO MORE! Extra Heavy Duty flat trays are 2.3 millimeters thick. Our competitors are anywhere from 1.8 - 2 mm.

  • SAFE food grade plastic and BPA free: Polypropylene Plastic #5

  • Seedling/sprouting application: Microgreens, wheatgrass, hydroponic systems, heat mats, soil block making

  • Measures: 21.25" x 11.25" x 2.5" and fits most domes and cell plug trays. Stackable for storage.

  • We donate 5% of every purchase to build wells in Africa.

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Who we are... King Creek Farms is a small family homestead in Upstate New York specializing in                                      pesticide-free farm fresh produce and pasture raised chicken & eggs.

Our mission … To create a more sustainable future for generations to come through  ethical                                               farming and  renewable energy.

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