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5 Reasons You Need Sheep

Updated: Jan 22

Red Face Sheep Grazing
Mary had one, so why not YOU?

1. Natural Lawn Mower

Tired of mowing your lawn ?

Yeah, we were too!

So we got some sheep and mowed the eco-friendly way. They keep the grass short and fertilize it as well.

2. Friendly Pets

Totally sheepish, soft and cute...they are so easy to keep!

3. Meat & Milk

Raising sheep for your own table is a smart way to have delicious economic, organic, super local, meat. Additionally, sheep milk has Double the calcium of cow milk, and high levels of vitamins, particularly, vitamin C, B, thiamin, riboflavin, and B-12. These vitamins help the body’s immune system and nervous system.

4. Natural Wool

Wool is making a comeback! Used for clothing, bedding, furniture, even insulation for houses, it is a superior fiber and naturally flame-resistant, non-carcinogenic as well as it helps absorb toxins from your home. It is recyclable, sustainable, a natural sound blocker, and has many other benefits (like lanolin).

5. Growing Market for Sheep Breeding

Raising and selling sheep is quite profitable. Raise them organically on grass and your sheep will be healthy and sought after!

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