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Beyond Organic Eggs - Pasture Raised!

Updated: Jan 22

Heirloom Rainbow Eggs

King Creek Farms is committed to sustainable and ethical farming.

And it shows!

Our Pasture Raised eggs come from Heritage Breed Hens that spend all of the daylight hours outdoors in the fields soaking up the sun. Our secret to having happy laying hens is that we give them freedom to roam the pastures as they please, eating their fill of grass, wildflowers and bugs.

Eggs from pasture fed hens have a significant increase in their overall nutritional value, in particular their vitamin E content. In a recent study comparing caged hens to hens foraging on grasses and legumes, vitamin E in the yolk of eggs from hens who foraged on pasture was about 200% greater than vitamin E in the yolk of eggs from caged hens. Interestingly, hens that foraged more on grasses than legumes developed about 25% more vitamin E in their eggs.

Eggs Yolk Colors
Pastured eggs are the most nutritious & delicious!

Have a look at the difference! Pastured eggs are more nutritious for you and have a distinct appearance. The yolks are a dark orange, indicating that they have lots of Vitamin D from the sun as well as a diverse diet from foraging.

Eat local. Eat Organic. Eat Pastured.

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