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King Creek Farms Pastured & Organic

Updated: Jan 22

These are terms that have a variety of meanings from farm to farm. Unfortunately, some terms are misleading consumers. Because there are no government standards for certain labels, everyone understand what they want. For example, "pastured" could mean one hour a day on pasture, or just one day in the animals life. What a huge discrepancy!

Pastured Chicken & Turkey: Our chickens, turkeys and cows are on pasture and have access to fresh grass and sunshine everyday. We do not use GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones.

Turkeys on pasture

Our Freedom Ranger chickens and Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are able to forage, flap their wings and get plenty of exercise. We supplement their diet with local & NOFA Certified Organic feed that is also SOY FREE.

NOFA NY Certified Organic

The basic ingredients of the organic poultry feed:

Corn , Peas, Sunflower meal, Flaxmeal, Oats, Small grains, Alfalfa meal, Fishmeal, Calcium chips, Feed grade lime, and Pro-biotics.

Aberdeen Angus

King Creek Farms Pastured & Organic Grass-Fed Beef: Our Abeerden Angus cows are always on pasture and are on a 100% grass fed diet. They are not fed any amount of grain.

For more information on understanding terms on food labels, visit

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