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Nothing is Impossible

“Impossible” is just a big word. The word itself says “I'm possible”.

Just three years ago we made the decision to homestead using regenerative farming practices. We bought books, did online research and watched hundreds of hours of you tubers who have already taken the plunge to homestead. We were especially grateful to hear about all the problems that they faces and mistakes they made.

Then the opportunity arose to purchase a property in upstate NY. The house, although in good shape, needed a lot of work. The grounds were overgrown and full of trash. Ticks infested the tall grass. We had our work cut out for us.

We could have given up, as many people encouraged us to. It was a difficult task, but we put in a lot of hard work, persevered, and concentrated on the objective. We had a vision and leveraged our faith and patience, determination, devotion, and dedication to obtain success.

And here we are today… planting fruit trees! It will be some more time before these trees bear fruit. But we know this for sure, the best things come to those who wait.

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