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Snow Hens

Updated: Jan 22

Hen standing in the snow

Winter is in full swing in Upstate New York. The hens are really the stars of King Creek Farms these days as they have just started producing eggs in this bitter cold weather. Hence, Snow Hens!

This is amazing milestone for us, and really shows that these hens are happy and healthy.

Our hens are a diverse mix of heritage breeds, which are the ancestors of industrial farm breeds. These heritage breeds have been hand selected and bred over time to have natural disease resistance and thrive in pasture-based settings. These ladies are on pasture from sunrise to sunset and bunk down in hoop houses for the night. They are hearty and don't mind the snow at all!

Studies have shown that eggs from pastured hens are richer in nutrients when compared to conventional store bought eggs products. More on that in another post!

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