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The living miracle of Black Seed: Nigella Sativa

Updated: Jan 22

Black Seed

Nigella Sativa is a common fennel flower plant of the buttercup family which grows to about 16-24 inches tall. The plant has finely divided foliage and beautiful blue flowers. From it comes a small rectangular peppery black seed, known as the “Blessed Seed” or “Black Seed.”

Nigella Sativa Flower

Black Seed has been known and used for over 2000 years as a medical remedy. The ancient Egyptians and Romans described it in their papyrology. In the prophetic traditions of Islam, Black Seed is known to be a cure for every disease except death (Bukhari 5687). It is recommended to take black seed regularly as a dietary supplement and also used as an herb in cooking!

After learning the amazing heath benefits, my family and I started taking Black Seed daily. We are hooked on the results!

A pinch of these sesame-sized seeds are chewed and chased with a bit of water is all it takes to combat a variety of ailments, including indigestion, allergies, bronchial respiratory and asthma just to name a few.

So why not just grow Black Seed?

Exactly what I am thinking. Stay tuned for the germination story as we get some organic Black Seed seedlings started at King Creek Farms.

Cartoon how to plant a seed

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