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The rising costs of food

Supply chain disruptions, war, and drought have driven up food prices.


Some economists attribute the US inflation surge to PPPrProduct shortages, strong consumer demand, low unemployment and improved financial conditions following the pandemic have all contributed to the rising costs of food.

Our Certified Organic Poultry Feed has doubled in the past year. But, we are not cutting corners when it comes to our health, quality and producing food naturally.

We continue to utilize Organic Feed. We have found other ways to drive down expenses, like buying in bulk and picking up the feed instead of getting it delivered.

Instead on compromising quality, we are finding other ways to keep our costs down. And you can too!

Buy whole chicken and cut it up yourself, instead of buying pre-cut parts.

You are welcome to purchase our ready made Chicken Bone Broth, but you can stretch your dollar further by buying the Chicken Feet and making a pot yourself.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it's that where our food comes from matters.

People around the world suffer from food insecurity, most often due to distribution issues, not production. By purchasing cheaper options that rely on the distribution chain, we will certainly face a food shortage sooner than later.

Supporting small farmers and local producers creates a more sustainable supply chain, especially in the event of another pandemic or climate disaster.

As prices are rising, shop smart and shop local.

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